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Gold Growth Giveaways' goal is to bring the Montreal community together and educate Montrealers about your local Small Business/Companies.
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We will help you achieve your goal of being an influencer
  • Have a more professional profile for brand collaborations

  • Earn credibility because of your name growing

  • Gather a loud media voice so you can spread messages bigger!

  • Reach new fans

On average, An influencer with around 10,000 followers can charge anywhere from 100$-500$ every single post!


That means that within a few collaborations you've already made your Investment amount back! Imagine if you participated in all of our giveaways every few months😏

PS.. Did I mention $100-$500 is USD?😳

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Organically and regionally grow your following as a brand
  • Make your business stand out in the Instagram search engine when you have a higher engagement rate.

  • Boost your brand to become well known In Montreal Canada!

  • Grow your sales and website visibility through your new range of potential clients!

Our influencers will promote your brand or company on social media. You can expect to significantly increase your following.

Build your reputation online and give your brand/company the boost it needs to earn its credibility.