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Spooky Giveaway

Our Spooky Giveaway was a Halloween based giveaway on October 29th 2022. We hosted some of the BIGGEST Montreal based celebrities that bombarded their social media accounts with content promoting this giveaway! We gave away over $10,000 WORTH OF APPLE PRODUCTS! 🎃

The Influencers who participated in this giveaway were: @juliasilva (1.8M) @elisabethrioux (1.5M) @aymericjettmontaz (802k) @kimkokonutt (343k) @olivierdion (312k) @milaydie (261k) @emyjade.g (210k) @jessika.denommee (203k) @noemypetit (172k) @soniazarbatany (125k) @mathieudufresnee (57.1k) @_annamaelle (51.5k) @nickyalison.c (41.3k) @juliettestj (38.8k) @amandaboilyp (35.4k) @zozoduval (28.4k) @berard_sarah (26.9k) @roxannee.stonge (15.9k) @thequebs (9.5k)

We are excited to grow our local brands from our community! Our giveaway always generates a lot of traction! WE ALWAYS SELL OUT ! Check out our limited reservation spots to reserve a spot for our next giveaway!

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